HayDown Design

Made from UK Recycled LDPE Bale Wrap  . Repairable, Recyclable, Reusable

Wide grazing areas & Max volumes

I wanted wide grazing areas and huge capacities, for horses to feel they  had plenty of hay, plenty of space and good all round vision when grazing. Fabricating from 5mm thick sheet plastic meant we could go as big as the sheets would allow, without an enormous investment in enormous forming moulds. At 120x120cm (4'x4') I think that's pretty big. I wanted horses to have a wide choice of holes to pull hay from, a bit of interest. Creating the choice of heights came later. 

Have a look at the internal dimensions to see how much hay they will hold. You can see these in the description of each product in the shop, and in the full range illustration on the home page.

3 heights

Easy to do with fabrication. As mentioned in for your horses, there are HayDowns for all sizes of horses.

40cm high Mini Shetland+
50cm high Shetland+
60cm high Standard. Any horse taller than about 12 hands. If you are unsure, when your horse's head is down measure the height from the floor to the highest point under the neck.

Of course, taller horses can use the lower heights too, they will be grazing even nearer ground level.

Stable tough and flexible

This is an obvious one, they really need to be, especially around here in Sheffield where it's really hilly. HayDowns are rigid at the base and flexible at the top, so they will give if knocked or pressed against. Most of the weight is low down, and most of them are quite a bit wider than tall. If they are being turned over you can tie them back to something either though the cable ties or by drilling holes in the side, remember to pick up the drillings. The recycled LDPE sheet is incredibly tough, while being flexible and quite soft, it will not shatter or crack until below -40 deg C. The MDPE tubes even colder. The cable tied joints add to this tough flexibility, and we feel they are safer than metal fastenings that could have been used in this situation. The nylon cable ties will give up at -40 deg C. There is no doubt a horse out there that can break one, though its likely only the ties that fail. Ties and other replacement parts can be bought.

Verticals sides have benefits

Fabricating from sheet plastic means HayDowns can have vertical sides. This means: As the feed top slides down the gap around the edge remains constant and narrow, and the grazing area is not reduced by an overhanging top to cover a wide edge gap; the feed top will go all the way to the bottom, as you'd expect; you can really stack a lot of flakes in;  the top is no wider than the base adding to stability. If we used moulding the sides would have to be sloped, a draught angle, in order to get them out of the mould.

Easy to stack full with flakes . Easy to stuff full with loose

Our feeders open so wide it's easy to dump a big load of loose hay straight in, or stack flakes in as already mentioned. leave it stacked, or fluffed up, or pack it in tight as much as you like. Spread the hay out right to the edges and corners.


Amanda, Sheffield. HayDown Standard Stable feeder, Mini Shetland+ Stable feeder, Standard Field 4, Mini Shetland+ Field 2

I have been on HayDown’s journey since the first prototype. Each one has been an improvement on the last. The final versions are amazing, and I couldn’t live without them. Neither could Shadz my greedy 13.2 pony, or Maddie my mini Shetland.
They always have a supply of forage without the worry of haynets being empty or getting tangled up. And they are feeding from the ground where they should be. Happy, relaxed ponies, no squabbling for food, no mess, easy to fill up and clean out.
Absolutely love em. It’s been worth the wait in getting them ready for production. Thanks Derek for letting us try them out for you.

Free draining

It's in the nature of how they are made! Plus the field feeders have lots of 38mm holes in the base to let the rain drain away, and a row of 24mm holes all round the sides for added ventilation helping keep the hay fresh for longer. You cannot soak hay in these. You can put soaked hay in them, or hose it once in. See notes about soaked hay in For you.


If a part breaks or wears out, no problem, no need to throw the whole thing away, you can buy spares from YatesMakes Ltd.
HayDowns come with a 2 year guarantee, (cable ties not covered by the guarantee).
Like Trigger’s broom you can keep these going for years. And if you can give us some feedback as to why it broke, even better as we can look to improve the design. That's another good thing about fabrication.
The final test prototypes have been in use since spring 2019, including the occasional back kicking, no spares have been asked for yet.

Recycled .  Recyclable - again  .  Reusable?

The main parts are made from UK recycled bale wrap, and nearly all materials are recyclable again, even the cable ties. Only the tension bands in the latches are not recyclable. After assembly pop the cable tie tails in the prepaid envelope provided and return to me for recycling. If you want to recycle any of the main parts - the base, top, sides, and vertical guides - rap them in brown paper and send by courier or post. Domestic recycling won’t take black plastic. You may be able to find another use for the plastic, or a commercial recycler near you may take them?

The stainless steel parts and tension bands from the latch mechanisms can be kept in your shed for something else useful.
Can anyone think of something to make from cable tie tails?

If it can't be reduced, reused, repaired
Rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold
Recycled or composted
Then it should be restricted, redesigned
Or removed from production

Pete Seeger

UV resistant . Colour blends into the environment . This recycled plastic is only available in black

And it says "HayDown" on the front.

Lower delivery costs . less packaging


Here are some more desperate ideas

I tried all sorts. Different materials, shapes, ways of opening, and fastening to the walls.

I don't have photos of the wooden box, or the very first corner prototypes too.

So now you know something of our journey to bring these HayDown slow trickle feeder hay/haylage/forage savers to you.