Slow Hay Feeders for Stable & Field

For Small Breeds to Heavy Horses

Calm down with a HayDown :)

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Made in Sheffield from UK recycled LDPE bale wrap. 2 year guarantee.

All HayDowns have wide grazing areas - great for respiratory problems.

Large volumes enable extended grazing time & refilling less often. For hay or haylage.

Tops open wide too, making filling really easy.

A range of heights 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, for Mini Shetlands, Shetlands, ponies, horses.

The Big Horse Stable feeder is huge!

Stable slow feeders for inside

These fit flush against the walls with no straps or leg trapping gaps. They can be free standing or secured with our easy undo horse proof fasteners. The front will flex if kicked or leaned upon.

Field slow feeders For outside

Free draining and ventilated helping keep hay fresh for longer. Rigid at the base and flexible at the top, they're stable and wont roll or be blown about, great for sloping ground too. 4 sizes of grazing area.

Use more than one field feeder to encouraging movement which helps digestion, and enables peace in a herd.

A healthy life for your horses & More free time for you

Head down slow grazing with HayDown

  • Calm down and return stress hormones and neurotransmitters to normal levels. Bring out the happy hormones.
  • Relieve the stress and internal discomfort of having nothing to eat, especially important inside overnight. Stress contributes to poor digestive health.
  • Relieve the anxiety and anticipation of the next mealtime and gorging when it is received.
  • Smooth out energy and insulin spikes.
  • Better respiratory, physical, digestive, dental, and mental health. All of 'em.
  • Feeding hole size optimised for slow grazing without causing frustration. Severe restriction can cause frustration, anxiety, and stress, resulting in gorging when the opportunity arises.
  • Keep hay off the floor and keep it clear of contaminants and parasites.
  • Less time feeling hungry, more time feeling content.

Head down slow feeding can help with colic, ulcers, laminitis, EMS, weight gain or loss, and boredom coping habits, resistance to insulin, leptin, and cortisol.

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Flat pack design

Provides benefits beyond saving on delivery and packaging.


Crissie, Sheffield. HayDown Shetland+ Stable feeder

The boys would inhale their evening hay within 45 minutes in a haynet, but with the HayDown their evening meal now lasts up to two hours!! Waste reduced by at least 75%. Great product, highly recommended!!

Phil Baines, Dunston Park Farm. 2 HayDown Standard Stable feeders.

Well made alternative to hay nets & natural feeding position for your horse.

Sam, Sheffield. HayDown Standard Stable feeder.

Once my horse relaxed it significantly slowed down his eating. I don’t worry that he’s stood overnight with nothing to eat. There’s a dramatic reduction of dust in his stable too. It is very easy to use and clean.

Amanda, Sheffield. HayDown Standard Stable, Mini Shetland+ Stable, Standard Field 4, Mini Shetland+ Field 2

They are amazing, I couldn’t live without them. Neither could my greedy pony, or my mini Shetland. Happy, relaxed ponies, no squabbling for food, no mess, easy to fill up and clean out. Absolutely love em.

Alison Garner, Livery yard owner and event rider, Brook Barn Equestrian. HayDown Standard Stable feeder.

At last a hay feeder that does what it says on the tin!
It's tough, robust and easy to use. It holds ample amounts to keep my horses occupied all night. Highly recommended.

The natural stress response for horses:

is nicely explained here by Barbara Breckenfeld (October 1st 2018 The North West Horse Source):

  • Firstly "The sympathetic nervous system (SNS), or fight/flight/freeze, is the state of high alert. It raises awareness of the senses, increases blood flow and breathing, diverts blood to the muscles, and suppresses digestion. It also increases sweating and heartbeat, dilates pupils, and inhibits body functions such as salivation or urination. It’s “all hands on deck” preparing the horse to escape danger."
  • Secondly: "The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), or rest/digest, operates when the horse feels safe and relaxed. PNS slows the heartbeat, increases salivation, allows urination, increases circulation to intestines and liver, and movement through the digestive tract. When a horse is in PNS he appears relaxed, with gut sounds, sighing and blowing, slower breathing, yawning, and just being. We can encourage horses to return to PNS by feeding hay when they are tense, as in trailering. Eating activates the PNS."

The SNS and the PNS are two parts of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), controlling neurotransmitter releases. Hormones are released into the bloodstream by the Endocrine System made up of various glands around the body. The ANS and Endocrine System are controlled by the Hypothalamus, the central control unit, a pea size gland in the brain that responds to external information from our senses.

Further reading:

"The Autonomic Nervous System" Barbara Breckenfeld

"Fight or Flight Reaction" Niina Venho. Moodmetric. 18/03/2018.